Baby & Kids

To us, it borders on the criminal as to what goes into drugstore baby and children’s lotions, even those with the label ‘natural.’ Farm to Girl baby and kids’ products are “old-school,” made of only a few simple, organic ingredients and packaged in old-fashioned thick glass jars or metal tins. While all of our 100% natural lotions, lip balms and butters are fabulous for you and your family, we’ve highlighted a few here that you might especially like for kids and babies and those formulated for young and sensitive skin. And unlike all those plastic bottles, you can be certain our glass packaging doesn’t leach harmful estrogenic chemicals into your product contents. Good for you, your family and the planet!

Note: Because Farm to Girl works everyday to protect your baby’s health, we recommend all of our baby care products be tested for a few days by applying our products on a small area of your baby’s arm or leg to make sure no reactions occur. This is especially important for babies and kids with sensitive skin or nut allergies.

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