Our Story

Farm to Girl Supports a Community of Growers & Women.

Farm to Girl takes great care in choosing the few, simple ingredients that make up our premium skin care. Some might say we are fanatical about it. But at Farm to Girl, behind every ingredient is an important story, and we care deeply about the agricultural, social, and environmental origins of our products.

Coconut Oil from the Solomon Islands

Choiseul, Malaita and Western Province Village Coconut Oil Cooperatives

We work as scientists in many of the tiny hamlets that dot the South Pacific. To help village cooperatives expand their markets, we buy luscious hand-pressed organic, virgin coconut oil. With every purchase of a Farm to Girl Lotion or Farm to Girl Lip Balm with coconut oil, you directly help these amazing women and men by supporting their livelihoods, sending their kids to school and funding rural women’s health clinics.

Marula & Ximenia Oil from Namibia

Namibian Women-Run Businesses and Marula Oil Cooperatives, Africa

Namibian women harvest and wild-craft the indigenous fruits and nut oils that make Farm to Girl’s Marula and Ximenia Oil Lotions so luxurious and effective. Supporting these markets boosts rural incomes and girls’ education. Farm to Girl is also dedicated to helping women in Africa grow their own socially and environmentally sustainable businesses. With every purchase of our Namibian Miracle face cream, you directly empower these inspiring women.

Photo Credit: Cyril Lombard-CRIAA and the Conservation and the Environment Magazine 2002

Sea Sponges from Micronesia

Sea Sponge Farmers in Pohnpei, Micronesia

Our founder’s husband is a marine biologist working with local fishing communities and non-profits in Micronesia to aid fishing families by promoting alternative livelihoods in overfished seas. By buying Farm to Girl’s all-natural sustainably grown Face & Bath Sea Sponges, you help these fishers support their families and protect coral reefs in the beautiful Pacific.

Beeswax & Honey from California

Happy Bee Farm, Nevada County, California USA

Randy Oliver’s bee farm is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern CA. Randy is a dedicated scientist beekeeper, and we use his Happy Bee beeswax in our Farm to Girl Lotions and Happy Bee honey in our Farm to Girl Lip Balms. With your purchase you not only bolster rural family farms but also Randy’s work to help save the honeybee from devastating colony collapse disorder!

First Flower Honey from Texas

Boggy Creek Urban Farm, Austin, Texas USA

This small family farm’s extraordinary honey originates with the Yaupon tree, which is the first flower bees flock to in the Texas Hill Country Spring—the origins of our First Flower Honey Lip Balm! By working with Boggy Creek and other local organic growers, we support generous mentors in the sustainable farming community. We appreciate Boggy Creek Farm’s encouragement and long-standing roots and service in the vibrant local Austin community.

Photo Credit: Carol Anne Sayl, Boggy Creek Farm

By partnering directly with growers and beekeepers, we not only obtain the highest quality, sustainably grown and farm-fresh ingredients on the planet, we also ensure we make a positive impact with every choice. To put it simply, we have a personal relationship with many of the villagers and growers we are buying from—we have stayed in their huts, walked their farms, laughed at their kid’s birthday parties and cried at their families’ funerals. We have seen that many of the world’s small-scale producers simply do not get their fair shake in the global economy, and Farm to Girl’s mission is to change that — one purchase at a time.


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