Our Story

The seeds that sprouted Farm to Girl took time to nurture.

Like a wildflower, Farm to Girl began with a particularly stubborn seed—our founder Dr. Kim Warren-Rhodes—refusing to believe that natural beauty requires anything more than a handful of pure, simple ingredients, a burst of sunshine, and a sprinkle of water and love. For many years, Kim was never worried about what was in her beauty products or how they affected her health. It wasn’t until her Ph.D. studies at Stanford that she learned about the pervasiveness of man-made chemicals in our food and body care, and their negative impact on human health and the planet. She also learned that a simpler world of sustainable choices exists and that truly green companies can do both good business and do good.

Thus, the first seed for Farm to Girl was planted.

The idea of Farm to Girl continued to sprout in Austin, Texas, where Kim grew up and where one of her best friends Kristen Pokky had begun a career as a community health nurse. During Kim’s visits home, their conversations always turned to the inspirational women Kim met through her studies in remote countries like the Solomon Islands, Namibia and Micronesia—where Farm to Girl now sources many of our ingredients. During her field trips, women farmers and entrepreneurs often showed Kim amazing traditional hair and skin remedies made fresh from native plants and flowers. Kim and Pokky realized that the women in these developing countries faced many challenges and that they could directly help them by marketing their unique ingredients and products to women abroad.

And so, the second seed for Farm to Girl was planted.

After completing her doctoral studies, Kim worked as an environmental scientist for NASA and several international organizations and taught at the University of San Francisco. One day, she asked her students to analyze their body care for synthetic chemicals, and the results shocked her. Virtually every product had at least one chemical known or suspected to be harmful. Soon, Kim devised her own “Toxic 10” list, and Pokky and Kim’s friends and family began asking for the list and help in evaluating their own products. They all quickly realized it was just plain crazy for consumers to need a Ph.D. to choose healthy skin, hair and baby care.

And that is how and why the seeds of Farm to Girl began to blossom.

Launched in 2013, Farm to Girl is a company of women scientists and nurses dedicated to empowering, uplifting and supporting women farmers, villagers, entrepreneurs and small sustainable farms both globally and locally. We handcraft premium skin and baby care from fresh, healthy and fairly traded ingredients made in villages with traditional processes free of synthetic and harmful chemicals—Fresh, Fair & Free!

But at Farm to Girl, we want to do much more than that. We are committed to making positive change in the world, and we know there are a lot of you out there that feel the same way. So, with every product you buy, Farm to Girl gives back 20% of profits to women’s health and education. In Solomon Islands, for example, we are helping fund a rural women’s health clinic. Because, at the center of Farm to Girl’s DNA, is the idea of Women Helping Women: Women villagers sharing their traditional knowledge and ingredients with us, and women consumers closing the circle by helping a new generation of women find livelihoods, prosperity, hope and inspiration through health and education.

At Farm to Girl, we are dedicated to making women around the world feel as beautiful on the inside as they look on the outside.

Won’t you come grow with us?