Our 20% Promise

At Farm to Girl, we create the freshest and purest skin and baby care for you on the planet. But we want to do so much more than that. We want to make positive social change in the world, and we know there are a lot of women and people out there that feel exactly the same way we do.

So, we decided to give back 20%—Our 20% Promise—of our profits to support women’s health and education in the communities where we work and where we buy our amazing raw ingredients and traditional plant oils.

Here’s one of the communities where your extra 20% is helping. . .
Gizo Women’s Health Clinic, Gizo, Western Province, Solomon Islands

Our founder Kim and her husband Kevin have been doing research as ecologists and marine biologists in the remote Solomon Islands (north of Australia) for many years now. Indeed, one of the research stations where they lived was in Gizo, a 3-hour prop-plane flight over stunning coral reefs from the capital of Honiara.

Every year village women from all over the islands come together in Gizo for Women’s Week. This was how Kim first learned about the Gizo Women’s Health Clinic, when she was asked to create a Solomon Islands Traditional Women’s Medicine Poster for the event. She interviewed local women healers and nurses across the islands and also attended women’s health lectures as part of her research. So many local women commented and were proud of the poster that the Gizo Women’s Health Clinic, part of the local hospital, asked to place it in the clinic.

During her first visit to the Gizo Women’s Health clinic, Kim saw that many Solomon Island women and their families were still struggling with the aftermath of a devastating tsunami and earthquake. She felt there was a real need to help women in the local community through the purchase of supplies for the clinic (e.g., medicines for malaria, anti-fungal skin creams) and raising funds for women’s health programs (maternity and infant nutrition, wellness during pregnancy) and education (breast cancer awareness and screening). Right there and then, Kim decided to help, and Farm to Girl began to support the Gizo Women’s Health Clinic!

Some people may think us crazy for thinking a jar of skin lotion can help women across the globe, even those in the most remote places on Earth, like Solomon Islands, Namibia and Micronesia. But, at Farm to Girl, we believe that the most innovative and sustainable companies are those that both do good business and do good.

It's In Our DNA

At Farm to Girl, our passion is empowering women. By linking women consumers, growers and small producers, Farm to Girl supports rural livelihoods in developing communities and aims to help uplift an entire generation. With every purchase at Farm to Girl, you directly make a difference in women’s lives and support fair trade across the globe.

Because, at the center of Farm to Girl’s DNA, is the idea of Women Helping Women. Women villagers sharing their traditional knowledge and ingredients with us and women consumers closing the circle by helping a new generation of women find work, prosperity, hope and inspiration through health and education.