What’s the perfect Farm to Girl lotion for you?

Many of our friends ask which of our lotions and oils are right for their various skin types? We base our recommendations on the traditional oils that form the soul of our lotions, from the most deeply moisturizing () to the lightest () options. Remember, with Farm to Girl traditional lotions, a little goes a long way, so for many of you, a small amount (pea size in palm of your hand) will do the trick!

For some of our girlfriends, the traditional lotions are too thick or oily for daily use, so we recommend either using a bit less or switching to a lighter option (1 or 2 flowers on our product chart, below). If you have fair, sensitive or oily skin in general, then, you might want to choose the lightest options first and go from there, and vice versa for those with dry skin. Having said that, some of our girlfriends slather themselves with our Kokolotions made from raw coconut oil and say it is heaven and sinks right in with no oily residue.

All of our traditional lotions contain anti-oxidants and vitamins known for their agility in fighting free radicals and the signs of aging. If you are looking for premium anti-aging day and night creams, focus on Farm to Girl lotions that also contain Marula Nut and Ximenia Oils.

Be sure to look at many of our customers’ recommendations too, and because everyone’s skin is unique, we suggest experimenting with a few lotions (one at a time, especially if you have sensitive skin) to discover what works best for you!


Thirsty Skin Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter — the supremo moisturizer, but the most “oily.” Use for extremely dry skin. Some of us reserve this oil for our cracked hands and feet, especially in winter, while others slather it all over as merrily as can be. Yet others use shea for arthritis pain or for their scaling, itching, flaking sensitive skin. Our favorite tip is to warm a bit in your hands (or for a few seconds in the microwave) and rub deeply into your skin for a moisturizing daily or nightly treat. Or try a nice foot massage and stain) socks at night for an extra hydrating routine!

Kokolotions, Organic Baby Bliss, Green Goddess Avocado Lotion — For all skin types, including very dry to normal. Rightly famous for its long history and traditional use by island peoples, our luscious Kokolotions are blended from organic, virgin hand-pressed coconut oil. You’ll love the creaminess of these fresh lotions and there’s a special one made just for you: for a start, try Organic Lavender, Organic Earl Grey, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Orange Citrus or Organic Tropical Lime, or opt for the pure unadulterated whisper of fresh coconut in our Organic Baby Bliss Unscented. If you need extra hydration but like something without coconut oil, our Organic Green Goddess Avocado Lotion harnesses the power of pure California sunshine with its ultra-healing Organic Sunflower and Avocado oils.

Any of these lotions can be used for body or face—we promise your skin will thank you for it!

Marula Nut and Ximenia Oils and Lotions — For all skin types, but especially mature or sensitive. We find African marula nut oil and ximenia oil to be the most delicate oils we’ve ever tried. Because they are light yet super hydrating and full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, these pure oils and lotions are our go-to options for daily and night-time face serums and anti-aging regimens. For maximum hydration, try Farm to Girl’s Fountain of Youth Face Cream and Namibian Skin Nectar. For a lighter option, the Namibian Miracle Face and Skin Repair is a good choice, and our African Line Tamer is a natural, chemical-free treatment for fine lines.

Sensitive Skin Lotion — For sensitive, dry or problem skin. A light and luscious lotion delectable enough for everyone but specially formulated with delicate sunflower and hazelnut oils to be exceptionally gentle and hydrating— for those of us with muy sensitive skin.