Namibian Miracle Face & Skin Repair

$ 24.95

100% Natural Moisturizer with Rare African Nut Oil

Hand-Made with Sustainably Grown and Wild-Harvested
Marula Oil and Ximenia oils from Namibia


This exceptionally light lotion combines the power of two traditional African anti-aging secrets— marula nut and ximenia oils— with exotic blends of plant essences. Famous in Europe and Asia for their anti-aging and skin repair properties, together these oils create a uniquely captivating aroma and face and body lotion that promotes healing and balance for a healthy and youthful glow.


“I let this lotion sit on my counter for a long time & then decided to try it finally. After my shower, I massaged the...Read More

  • Spice Blend: Filtered water, safflower oil, coconut oil, ximenia oil, glycerine, marula nut oil, vitamin E, D-panthenol, orange oil, patchouli oil, ylang ylang oil, neroli oil, xanthan gum and dehydroacetic acid.
    Lavender Blend: Filtered water, safflower oil, coconut oil, ximenia oil, glycerine, marula nut oil, vitamin E, D-panthenol, organic lavender essential oil, xanthan gum and dehydroacetic acid.

  • Gently apply to face or body morning and night. The Namibian Miracle Face & Skin Repair is a thinner and lighter yet incredibly effective anti-aging lotion. We especially recommend it for summers and hotter climates in the South and Southwest. If you like a thicker lotion, try also our Fountain of Youth.

  • By purchasing a Farm to Girl Marula Oil or Ximenia Oil product, you are making a direct positive difference to developing communities and women in Africa. In particular, you support the efforts to empower women in the rural north of Namibia, such as the Limene Nelumbu women’s marula cooperative and to help young women there attend university. For more information click here

  • Why Farm to Girl’s marula and ximenia oils are so good for you.

    Like argan oil, we treasure marula and ximenia nut oils in our skin care products for their delicacy and antioxidant benefits. Marula and ximenia seed oils are indigenous plant sources rich in oleic acid and linoleic and linolenic acids (omega-6 fatty acids), components attributed to supplying powerful antioxidant properties with a reputed ability to scavenge free radicals that contribute to skin aging. Marula and ximenia oils are widely used by African women in skin and baby care to diminish redness and itch, impart hydration and smooth skin. Essential fatty acids, along with vitamin E and vitamin C, and palmitic acid, which can form a protective coating on skin surfaces, make marula and ximenia oils healthy, all-natural premium skin care choices.

    What are Marula and Ximenia Seed Oils?
    The Marula nut tree (Sclerocarya birrea) is native to southern Africa, including Swaziland and Namibia, and local tribes crack the nut to extract the rich abundant oil of its tiny kernels. The tree’s fruit is a favorite food of elephants, who like us, travel many miles to obtain its uniquely flavorful and aromatic oil. Marula nut oil is a staple and highly valued traditional oil for skin and hair care given its exceptional emollient properties, and Zulu tribes in southern Africa revere the tree as a symbol of the land’s and women’s fertility, using it in birthing rituals and massage for pregnant women to keep belly skin supple and help prevent stretch marks. For Namibian rural communities, the harvesting of the nuts usually coincides with commencement of the school year, so it plays a key role in rural incomes and educational opportunity.

    Ximenia oil originates from the seed kernel oil of the fruit of the Ximenia tree, native to the savannahs and woodlands in tropical southern Africa. The tree bears a small plum-like superfruit that is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, especially the skin-supporting and healing vitamin C.

    Esther Hoveka, founder of Namibia’s first all-natural skin care line and one of our women business partners and sister companies, is working to help rural women’s cooperatives where we purchase some of our marula and ximenia oils to obtain organic and fair trade certification. In addition to purchasing the raw oils, we are also in the process of jointly founding an educational scholarship fund for girls in southern African villages through Farm to Girl’s 20% promise.


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