Organic Earl Grey Kokolotion

$ 15.95

100% Natural, Fresh Face and Body Moisturizer

Made with Organic, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
Hand-pressed by Women Villagers in Solomon Islands


Let your skin take a sip of our creamy and soothing Organic Earl Grey Kokolotion moisturizer, infused with the delicate and airy aroma of Earl Grey tea straight from an English fairy garden. Our Organic Earl Grey Kokolotion is blended with the purest organic coconut oil and rich in anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to deeply hydrate, heal and revitalize your face and skin.


The earl grey is my absolute favorite & smells amazing -- not too strong, with just a hint that makes me breathe deep and smile. My face loves it & if you haven’t tried this one yet you should! These lotions are all natural & a little bit goes a long way. Read More

  • Water, organic virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Randy Oliver’s California beeswax and organic bergamot essential oil.

  • Daily all-over face and body moisturizer, superb baby and children’s lotion, for dry or normal skin.

  • Farm to Girl’s traditional plant oils have been used for centuries in Africa and the Pacific as natural remedies for glowing, healthy skin. Farm to Girl’s traditionally grown oils are fairly traded, which helps to support livelihoods and incomes in rural developing communities worldwide.

    Why Farm to Girl’s Coconut Oil is So Good for You.

    High in anti-oxidants and vitamins, and with more protein, zinc, iron and other minerals than in many fruits, coconuts supply deep nutrition to nourish and protect your skin. Coconut oil is a tremendous body and skin moisturizer, and its emollient properties quench dry, parched skin and protect it from free-radical damage. Coconut oil absorbs easily, smoothes your skin’s appearance (it works to slough off dead skin cells), and helps prevent chapped skin, premature aging and wrinkles (coco-glycerides stimulate collagen production). Pacific Islanders rub coconut oil on daily to hydrate their sun-exposed skin, while local healers massage pregnant bellies to keep them supple. We’ve found it to be extra soothing for coping with chronic dry skin, low humidity winter conditions and problem areas like your hands, legs and feet. Try it on your hands and see the difference, as the oil plumps and energizes your skin, making it smooth and soft! Coconut oil is a luxurious, but purely simple way to strengthen and maintain healthy skin and treat your body right every day. Island mothers also trust coconut oil as a safe and gentle baby oil, massaging it into their children’s arms, legs and tummies.

    Good for people and the planet.

    Coconuts are big business—just not for the people who grow them. Remote villagers often lack the capital and technology to produce high-quality oil, so instead they sell cheap dried coconuts (copra) to the international market. To dry the nuts, local forests are cleared for fuelwood, with downstream pollution of mangroves and coral reefs. Once on the international market, the nuts (often many months old) are bleached, heated, deodorized and processed with harsh solvent extraction chemicals to produce the inexpensive oil that makes its way into most skin care products. Instead . . . Farm to Girl purchases premium coconut oil made in a socially and environmentally sustainable way, with no pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic chemical solvents, bleaches or additives. Villages produce an ultra-high quality oil using a mechanical press and ecologically-friendly process that brings them a higher value product, conserves their forests and coral reefs, supplies valuable feed to their animals, and wastes absolutely nothing (see below or download here an educational poster). This small-scale business provides alternative livelihoods and empowers the entire island community, from the family farms that supply the nuts, to the women that grate the coconuts, to the local households that use the oil for cooking, skin care and health.

    How Farm to Girl’s Organic Coconut Oil is Made.

    The coconut is a staple of traditional island life, used to cook food, as a daily health tonic, for skin and hair, as a baby oil, for medicines and eco-friendly fuel.

    Using simple technology pioneered by Kokonut Pacific of Australia (and supplied by small grants from the European Union), a Solomon Island village collects and processes about 100 coconuts daily. Grated coconut is quick-dried as it is moves over a hand-built metallic oven fired by waste coconut husks. The coconut flakes are immediately cold-pressed by hand into virgin organic coconut oil of the highest quality. The waste coconut is fed to chickens and pigs. The process is a “closed-loop” cycle, generating no waste and requiring no forests be cut. During our trip, schoolchildren and villagers from nearby islands were visiting to learn about the village’s operations.

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