Organic Sensitive Skin Sunflower Lotion

$ 12.95

100% Natural, Fresh Face and Body Moisturizer

Premium La Tourangelle Organic Sunflower Oil
Hand-Blended with Macademia Nut Oil


If you or your children have extremely sensitive and dry skin, this is the lotion for you! A base of ultra-pure organic sunflower oil, pressed with 150-year old French traditions in a California farmhouse, is blended with light and moisturizing Macademia nut oil. The result is a whipped delight that is gentle, soothing and ultra-hydrating for even the most sensitive skin types. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, this lotion helps you harness the power of the sun to heal and calm your face and body.


“I have been battling hyper-sensitive skin for several years now, due to a reaction to harsh synthetic chemicals and fragrance... Read More


  • Filtered water, organic La Tourangelle sunflower oil, macademia nut oil and Randy Oliver’s California Happy Bee beeswax.

  • Everyday use for sensitive, dry or problem skin.

  • By purchasing a Farm to Girl product, you are directly making a positive difference to rural developing communities in Solomon Islands, Micronesia, and Africa and local farms in California and Texas by supporting their livelihoods and well-being. Thank you for Helping Women Help Themselves!

  • Farm to Girl & La Tourangelle Organic Sunflower Oil

    What could be more beautiful than a sunflower? Your skin when you lavish the healing and hydrating power of vitamins E and B-5 in La Tourangelle’s organic sunflower oil—the foundation for Farm to Girl’s Sensitive Skin Sunflower lotion—on your dry and sensitive skin. La Tourangelle’s organic sunflower oil originates with expeller-pressed (using 150-yr old French traditional methods) organic sunflower seeds grown and processed without the use of pesticides or chemical additives and is GMO-free.

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