Organic Lavender Kokolotion

“Farm to Girl’s KoKolotion is SO GREAT!! I absolutely love it. When I put it on I feel like I want to eat it it smells so good. My skin glows. I can’t live without this stuff!” Michelle, Austin Texas. Back to lotion


“I started using Farm to Girl’s organic coconut lotion as a daily spa ritual. After my shower, I massage coconut lotion all over my body and let sink in for a few minutes. I then do a quick rinse (cold water for you hearty girls!) and dry off. At night, I use the anti-aging marula lotion on my face and body. After just a few weeks, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin—it’s a nicer color and feels smooth and soft and some of my spots are lighter. What an amazingly simple skin care option.” Mary Louise, Austin, Texas. Back to lotion


Fountain of Youth Face Cream

“I use the marula oil lotion as an anti-aging night face cream. Because it is rich, very creamy and deeply moisturizing, I use it once a week in combination with my other anti-aging face care. After I wash my face, I massage it gently in before I go to bed. After several months, I have to say it has made a noticeable difference in my skin. My face looks fresh, soft and younger-looking in appearance.” —Nadja, Grass Valley California. Back to lotion


Namibian Miracle Face & Skin Repair

“I let this lotion sit on my counter for a long time & then decided to try it finally. After my shower, I massaged the lotion into my face every morning and then put on my makeup. After 2 months of using it, I still can’t believe the results. My face looks younger and is the softest it’s ever been. It even healed some weird patchy skin on my forehead that I couldn’t get rid of for a year, even after my trips to the dermatologist. Marula lotion is amazing!” Kristen, Austin Texas. Back to lotion


Organic Sensitive Skin Sunflower Lotion

“I have been battling hyper-sensitive skin for several years now, due to a reaction to harsh synthetic chemicals and fragrance in laundry detergents. It’s nice to have a natural lotion that I feel is putting something healthy and healing on my skin, rather than the chemical-laden sensitive skin lotions my dermatologist recommended. Kim, Austin Texas. Back to Lotion


Organic Baby Bliss Lotion—Unscented

“My 14-month year old son for some reason has drier skin, especially on his legs, than his twin sister. I tried several other very good natural brands of skin care but it didn’t really improve much. So, one day I switched to Farm to Girl’s Baby Bliss and what a difference!! Within a day, my little boy’s skin was noticeably better! It no longer felt or looked rough or dry—it was a remarkable transformation to soft, smooth and happy! Both of my twins seem to relax and like the coconut smell when I put it on and it really works for both of them.” Kathy, Austin Texas. Back to Lotion


Thirsty Skin Raw Shea Butter

“I was in an auto accident 15 years ago, with a lot of resulting pain and scarring in my hands. I tried so many different remedies and oils that did not work. Shea butter was the only thing that helped reduce the arthritis pain, stiffness and soreness. It is a miracle!” Tammy, Austin Texas. Back to Shea Butter


Organic Earl Grey Kokolotion

The earl grey is my absolute favorite! It smells amazing when I put it on in the mornings, not too strong, just a hint that makes me breathe deep and smile . Also my face loves it and if you haven’t tried this one yet you should! The nice thing about these lotions, since they’re all natural so a little bit goes a long way. One of the small sizes lasts me close to a month of putting it on my face morning and night. Back to Lotion


Organic Lemongrass Kokolotion

I'm obsessed with the Organic Early Lemongrass Kokolotion! It's creamy, but not oily and leaves my skin moisturized for hours. I use it on my body and my face twice a day and keep an extra jar in my purse for my hands. The lemongrass scent is amazing - very fresh and subtle. Back to Lotion