Our Story

Farm to Girl’s mission is to create the freshest skin care on the planet, for women by women, using fairly traded, organic and sustainably grown ingredients sourced from women and small-scale farmers, with 20% of profits donated to women’s health and education in developing communities.

Farm to Girl gives women a new view of nature’s bounty.

You can enrich your body by putting on it many of the same nutritious foods and oils that you put in it. Our premium skin care is handcrafted from the finest quality farm-fresh organic ingredients and fairly traded, sustainably-grown traditional, healthful, healing oils. Our products are simple, unique, luxurious and effective and contain only a handful of 100% natural, unadulterated ingredients. No parabens, no synthetic chemicals, no sulfates, no formaldehydes and no petrochemicals.

Founded by an environmental scientist.

Farm to Girl promotes a new vision of skin and baby care based on environmental and social responsibility, with a focus on harnassing nature’s green strategies and our global connectedness. At Farm to Girl, we view the use of harmful chemicals as avoidable and offer you a chance to nourish your skin naturally while reducing your impact on the environment. As a social business, we are dedicated to the goal of uplifting women farmers and entrepreneurs, both locally and globally. We are Women Helping Women, with 20% of our profits returned to women’s health and education.

Because at Farm to Girl we are dedicated to making women all over the world feel as beautiful on the inside as they look on the outside.


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